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Molino bongs
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Molino bongs
Molino bongs Molino bongs Molino bongs Molino bongs Molino bongs
Molino bongs
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Diffuser Bongs

every one our diffuser Bongs are intended to create your bong smoking knowledge as enjoyable as probable! All our Diffuser Bongs hold a diffuser disc containing perforated smoke holes

serving to scatter the smoke into minute bubbles which are then refrigerated and cleansed easier by the water.

This is a original bong from the guys at Red Eye. This bong is funky and cool. small accompaniments like the metal topped representative, a heavy metal base, a rhombus method jewel set into the spokesperson, and a diffuser to make the smoke cooler all append to create this one of the nearly everybody street-cred commendable bong approximately...Tubac stands at 40 cm (~ 16 in) and is intended with a bend so you can put in ice to the board room and provide it that additional chill.

This denote emerald bong is crafted using acrylic fabric. This bong features a exclusively perforated diffuser disc that minimizes the dimension of bubbles within of the chamber. This purpose allows the smoke to be refrigerated and drinkable much more professionally due to a senior outside area of smoke bubbles pending in get in touch with with water in arrange to take out the warmth and toxins. This bong also comes ready with a solitary hit hole, a metal bowl, and a excellence chrome ended base for style and functionality. This bong stands at 40 cm (~16 in) and is very sole.

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